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Australian Television Network


Seven Network


This logo was used by Seven's Sydney station ATN-7 from 1968-70. This logo was from the 'Circle 7' design used by many ABC affiliates in the U.S.


The first logo used across the network consisted of the number 7 inside a ring.


On March 1, 1975, colour television was introduced across the network (in 8 years of distance from Network Ten's color programming launch), along with a new logo which incorporated a bright ring of the colours of the visual spectrum.


Along with the recently renamed Seven Network came a new logo with the circle modified to incorporate the 7.


Seven Network 2000

In January 2000, Seven did away with the circle logo and launched their new ribbon logo which in effect was two angled trapezoids.


Seven logo

In September 2003, the ribbon logo was simplified and became solid red. Template:FreeTV Australia