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In March of 2005, Starz changed their logos Starz in Black, Starz Kids & Family, Starz Comedy, Starz HD, Starz Entertainment, Starz Comedy and Starz Edge. With this, they even created the Starz Media logo. It only came on air in 2006.


Starz Media 2008

Starz Distribution


Starz Distribution


Starz Distribution 2016

SLG Media


Slg media logo

After Starz Inc. consolidated its operations with its new parent company Lions Gate Entertainment in 2019, Starz Distribution was renamed SLG Media, and became the parent company of Lionsgate Films and its other film and television distribution arms.

SLG Inc.
Entertainment production/distribution companies

Film: Lionsgate Films (Others | Trailer variants | Closing variants) | Summit Entertainment (Others | Trailer variants) | Lionsgate UK | SLG Digital | Pantelion Films1 | Roadside Attractions (45%) | CodeBlack Films2 | Grindstone Entertainment Group

Home Entertainment: Anchor Bay Entertainment | Vestron Video (Vestron Video International) | Manga Entertainment

Television Production: Lionsgate Television | Debmar-Mercury | Sea to Sky Entertainment | Starz Originals

Television networks
Starz (HD) | Starz Cinema | Starz Comedy (HD) | Starz Edge | Starz in Black | Starz Kids & Family | Starz Encore (HD) | Starz Encore Action | Starz Encore Black | Starz Encore Español | Starz Encore Family | Starz Encore Classic | Starz Encore Suspense | Starz Encore Westerns | MoviePlex | IndiePlex | Retroplex
Celestial Movies2 | Celestial Classic Movies 3 | Pop4 | Kix | Thrill | CHK

Lionsgate Records | Primal Media | Celestial Tiger Entertainment | Defy Media5

Predecessor Companies
Trimark Pictures | Artisan Entertainment | Starz Inc.

Dissolved Properties
Vestron Pictures | Vestron Television | Family Home Entertainment (Family Home Entertainment Kids) | USA Home Video | International Video Entertainment | Artisan Television | Avalanche Home Entertainment | Sterling Home Entertainment7 | Trimark Home Video | Trimark Television | Lightning Video | Avid Home Entertainment | Fearnet8 | Mandate Pictures | Mercury Entertainment | Debmar Studios | Magnum Entertainment | Children's Video Library | Celestial Pictures Limited | Encore Play | HGV Video Productions Inc. | MoviePlex Play | Overture Films | Starmaker Entertainment | Arc Productions | Starz Home Entertainment | Starz Play | Starz Productions | Starz Pictures | Starz Encore Entertainment | Lionsgate Premiere | Summit Premiere | Anchor Bay Films

1Co-owned with Televisa
2A joint venture with CodeBlack Entertainment
3Co-owned with Saban Capital Group
4Co-owned with CBS Corporation (50%)
5ZelnickMedia, ABS Capital Partners, Viacom, and Wellington Management Group.
7A joint venture with Scanbox International
8Co-owned with Comcast, NBCUniversal and Sony (33%)

Slg logo

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