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1979–1996, 2014–2017 (on-screen only)

An Orion Pictures Release


Orion Pictures


Orion Pictures 2013

MGM Holdings
Film production/distribution

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (Others) | United Artists (Other) | Orion Pictures | LightWorkers Media | Eon Productions

MGM Television (Other) | MGM Worldwide Television | Orion Television | LightWorkers Media

MGM Networks
Epix (33.3% / Epix 2 | Epix 3 | Epix Drive-In)1 | MGM Channel (HD USA | HD UK) | This TV | Casa Club TV | The Works | Impact2 | Rede Telecine3 | Comet6

Other assets
MGM Home Entertainment | MGM DVD | MGM Kids | MGM Animation | MGM Music | MGM On Stage | MGM Consumer Products | MGM Interactive | Metrocolor | Soul Cinema | Midnite Movies | Orion Interactive

United Artists Television | United Artists Associated | United Artists Media Group5 | United Artists Classics | United Artists Broadcasting | United Artists Records | Ziv-United Artists | MGM International Television Distribution | MGM Records | American International Pictures | American International Television | Filmways Pictures | Filmways Television | Orion Television Syndication | Orion Home Video | The Samuel Goldwyn Company | Goldwyn Entertainment Company | Samuel Goldwyn Television | Heatter-Quigley Inc. | Goldwyn Films | G2 Films | Cannon Films | HBO/Cannon Video | Cannon Video | CIC Video | Embassy Home Entertainment | Nelson Entertainment | Compagnia Distribuzione Internazionale4 | One Three Media5 | MGM Cartoons

1A joint venture with Viacom and Lionsgate Entertainment Corporation (33.3%)
2Co-Owned with Comcast
3Co-owned with Universal Pictures, Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox and Globosat
4Co-owned with Hearst Corporation.
5Co-Owned with Sinclair Broadcast Group
6Co-Owned with Mediaset

Mgm 2017 b

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