American Cable System


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Comcast logo old

In 1969, American Cable System was renamed to Comcast.


Comcast logo 2000

A new logo for Comcast was introduced in 1999.[1]


Comcast logo

A minor change was made to the logo's typeface sometime in 2007. This logo is still used on the Comcast Sportsnet and Comcast Network logos.


Comcast logo 2012

Having purchased a 51% stake in NBCUniversal in 2011, and seeking to revitalize their crippled brand, Comcast silently adopted the NBC peacock as their primary logo on December 10, 2012. Unsuprisingly, in February 2013, just two months after the rebrand, Comcast announced they would buy the remaining 49% of NBCUniversal from General Electric and thus take full ownership of the company.

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Comcast SportsNet Regional Networks:
Bay Area | California | Chicago | Mid-Atlantic | New England | Northwest | Philadelphia

Predecessor companies:
AT&T Broadband | Adelphia Communications Corporation | Insight Communications2 | DukeNet Communications1 | Group W Cable | Susquehanna Communications | MediaOne | Tele-Communications2

Other cable channels:
Comcast Entertainment Television (Denver) | Comcast Television (Michigan) | MLB Network (minority stake) | Revolt

1A predecessor company of Time Warner Cable.
2A predecessor company of AT&T Broadband

Comcast logo 2012