Watch It!


Before Children's ITV, the children' strand was Watch IT!. It was launched in 1981. It was broadcasted on Southern TV From 1981-1982 And TVS (Southern's Replacement) From 1982-1983.

Children's ITV



This particular ident was used in 1988, but the logo itself was used in various idents from 1983 until 1989.



This first appeared on 4 September 1989 and lasted until its final appearance as a primary ident on 30 January 1990, but it still appeared as a secondary ident until 29 January 1993.



This particular ident was used in 1990, but the logo itself first appeared on 31st January 1990 and lasted until its final appearance on 29th March 1991.



This logo had it's first appearance in 1991 and it had it's last appearance on 25 May 1998. The word 'Childrens' was removed in 1996.




Citv 1998 logo

In 26 May 1998, Children's ITV was shortened CITV. With it, the name was changed to CiTV and in-vision continuity returned.


Citv 1998-2006

In Autumn 2003, the logo was changed from 3D to 2D.


CITV logo

On March 11, 2006, CiTV was relaunched as CITV and launched as its own channel. At the same time it got a new logo and a new look. It was created by Red Bee Media. The logo includes a big "C" in a triangle and with the text ITV in the big "C"

"The idents feature everyday scenes from a child's world that are then transformed by CITV to something far more fun and extraordinary; sausage and mash comes to life as a Mexican mariachi band, and a tea set becomes a steam train chugging around a tray." - Red Bee Media press release



In 2009, the triangle was removed and the logo was "jazzed up" as a TV with two antennas.


CITV logo 2013

As part of the ITV rebranding on 14 January 2013, CITV received a yellow/orange version of the 2013 ITV logo, with idents that depict wicked and playful kids stuff. Children themselves have had the chance to draw their own ideas for the logo and idents, which the in-house creative team at CITV have animated into ‘C-Creatures’ logos. This logo looks similar to the 1991, 1998, and 2003 logos.

ITV Kids


ITV Kids
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