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In 1935, 20th Century Pictures merged with Fox Film Corporation, creating 20th Century-Fox.

The Art Deco 20th Century Fox logo, designed by landscape artist Emil Kosa, Jr., originated as the 20th Century Pictures logo, with the name "Fox" substituted for "Pictures, Inc." in 1935.

The logo was originally created as a painting on several layers of glass and animated frame-by-frame. Over the years the logo was modified several times.


In 1953, Rocky Longo, an artist at Pacific Title, was hired to recreate the original design for the new CinemaScope process. In order to give the design the required "width", Longo tilted the "0" in 20th.. This logo, however, would be used in tandem with the next logo until 1987. Like the previous logo, this logo was a painting on several layers of glass and was animated frame-by-frame.


In 1981, after Longo repainted the eight-layered glass panels (and straightened the "0"), his revised logo became the official trademark. Like the previous two logos, this logo was a painting on several layers of glass and was animated frame-by-frame.


In 1994, the 20th Century Fox logo is redone in CGI for the first time. This logo was created by Studio Productions (now Flip Your Lid Animation) which also did the logos for Paramount and Universal. The 1994 CGI logo was also the first time that Twentieth Century Fox was recognized as "A News Corporation Company" in the logo. In 1997 David Newman re-recorded the 20th Century Fox Fanfare. As of 2010, this logo appears only on the company's website.




In 2009, 20th Century Fox updated its logo, which was created and animated by its subdisary Blue Sky Studios. The new logo officially debuted in Avatar. In 2010, 20th Century Fox celebrated its 75th anniversary, and modified their logo for that year.


20131022003250!Turbo (2013)

In 2013, the byline for News Corporation was removed due to the split of the former into News Corp and 21st Century Fox, and the bylineness logo debuted on the DreamWorks Animation SKG film Turbo, released on July 17 of that same year. This markes the very first time since 1981 that The 20th Century Fox Logo is Byliness. and The very first time that the company was transferred to a brand new Company.


Tcf 2018

In late 2018, when 21st Century Fox was rebranded, a new byline was added.

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